If PhDs were awarded for magic, Paul would already have one.

PAUL HAS twice won the Ali Bongo award for Creative and Original Magic from The Magic Circle at their annual Close-Up competition, among other awards for both stage and close-up magic. This sleight-of-hand master is a teacher of magicians, the only magician to have a weekly parlour magic show in the West-End of London in a generation, and the only non-Chinese magician to perform the traditional and highly secretive Immortal Sowing Beans.


EVERY MAGICIAN knows far more magic than they will ever perform. Of those routines they do perform, only a few will become regular routines that they keep. Of the regular routines only a couple are selected to become the specialities. These are the routines they will build their reputation upon.

“You fooled me completely”
Derren Brown

Okito Floating Ball

IF YOU read enough stage magic books, you’ll spot a recurring theme around floating ball tricks. They all seem to be a simplification of or improvement upon the Okito Floating Ball. The trouble is, there is actually very little written about Okito’s routine, certainly not enough to recreate it in any detail.

This made Paul curious about this routine that everyone in the past seemed to be adapting, and that only Teller is still performing. So he searched through the magic literature, setup a practice stage, and got to work.

The result was a beautiful stage routine in which Paul takes a 12” diameter white ball and brings it to life, defying gravity and moving of its own will. Paul set it to “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43-Variation 18” and uses black-light so the ball glows. It is simply beautiful magic. As a formal stage routine it is not trivial to perform, but it is worth the effort.

Bunny Rope Trick

Simply Beautiful Magic


PAUL FIRST saw 仙人摘豆 (The Immortal Sowing Beans) when visiting China for FISM in Beijing, 2009 and just had to learn it. Fortunately a book was available at FISM, in Chinese, which Paul was studying at the time. Having gained the basics from the book, comparing it to methods in some of the oldest published magic books and lots of tinkering, Paul constructed a routine.

The routine is unique for how clean it appears, the friendly “catch me if you can” attitude, and a really surprising ending. Paul has many variations of the routine, using 3 or 5 balls, using no bowls and an impromptu version. As an old, traditional routine it is very robust and can be performed under the worst conditions.

This Is A Magic Coin

INSPIRED BY the Immortal Sowing Beans, but wanting something that will fit in a pocket and work when doing magic from table to table, Paul created this coin routine. It brings together ideas from Bobo, Han Ping Chien, Cellini and Leipzig into a carefully crafted routine suitable for close-up performance.

The coins jump from hand-to-hand, before being covered in the box. There's a
surprise coming!

Close-Up Magic

IT’S ALWAYS a pleasure to share magic with people in a close-up setting. It’s only in this setting where you can experience magic in your own hand, under your own nose, no camera tricks and no trap-doors. Paul has performed at weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and trade-shows, leaving many happy clients and guests.

Some Tricks

SLEIGHT-OF-HAND is a skill that takes years to truly master, and Paul has mastered the art. The 21p trick is a regular routine he performs, and is a little secret Paul has been hiding from other magicians: every sleight-of-hand magician will play around with this kind of effect at some point. Paul’s routine is a leap ahead. In the trick two examined coins visibly change places before a super kicker ending where the coins are both held by a participant.

MISDIRECTION IS a famous technique used by few magicians, in part because it is so hard to master. It's over ear!”, is a phrase you’re bound to hear at least once during a performance by Paul, it’s a little joke to let you know that the item he just vanished was sneaked behind his ear while you weren’t looking. Don’t worry, even if you know it’s coming you’ll still miss it.

Walk-around close-up magic
Walk-around close-up magic

Some Feedback

  • “The best entertainer we ever had at one of our international development conferences. A unique and international speciality with a difference.” Huw Edmunds, Novartis
  • “Thank you very much for performance last Saturday, everybody enjoyed it! Nina Chang, London Confucius Institute (LCI)
  • “Our guests were thoroughly entertained by your magic tricks and ‘oohs and ahhs’ echoed around the atrium! We were pleased to pass on your contact details and will happily recommend that people contact you for future events” Kat Johnston, Kingston University
  • “Thank you for helping to make both our events such a success. Many of our guests on both occasions have made special mention of you, and have been left unable to sleep for wondering. Nigel Halsey, Halsey Consulting
Table close-up magic
Table close-up magic

Parlour Magic

PARLOUR MAGIC is bigger than close-up and smaller than full-blown stage illusions. It combines the artistic scope of the stage magic with the intimacy of close-up magic. Paul has performed full evening shows, cabaret spots and braved the elements to perform outdoors at festivals.

Some Shows

Tea with a Magician Paul’s one-man evening show ran in a 40 seat theatre in the West-End of London for over a year. It featured many of his favourite tricks, including the floating ball and a teapot that turned milk into cola, lemonade, orangeade, ginger-beer and of course, tea!
The Magic Symphony This show is one of Richard Leigh’s creations that Paul presented for a season. It is set within a toy theatre and included routines involving the whole theatre such as “The Dance of the Aces” and routines set in the medieval and cartoon worlds.
M for Magic Owen Lean and Paul Brown presented this marvellous show at Barons Court theatre in London. It included an opening number involving a telephone box and a large quantity of umbrellas and ended with a shower of rose petals.
Performing at a WWI themed cabaret
Performing at a WWI themed cabaret
Alchemy, an award winning act
Alchemy, an award winning act

Some Feedback

  • “Children squealed with laughter; adults wore one big smile. Applause broke out non-stop. Strongly recommended as one of the funniest shows ever staged at Barons Court” Ron Phillips, Artistic Director at Barons Court
  • “A BIG THANK YOU - The audience was very happy and had a great time because of you, and you were fabulous.” Asa, Soiree Ambivalence
  • “Paul - many thanks for the excellent show yesterday. They were all talking about it - you made a great impression.” Will West, private event

PAUL HAS also presented guest acts for The Kitten Club, Flay and DeVille (Circus of Marvels), Richard Leigh’s Late Night Magic and The Magic Cavern, and many more....

Festival Magic, presenting some traditional street routines
Festival Magic, presenting some traditional street routines