PyWeek Day 3

17th April 2018

Day 3 of the PyWeek 25, Two Worlds challenge, and progress is being made. Today we've got more monsters, weapons, armour, scrolls, menus and an improved melee combat system. Lots done, some incomplete and lots still to do. Feeling rushed, worrying about code getting messy.

Day 3 PyWeek Challenge
Day 3 PyWeek Challenge

PYWEEK IS such a rush. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything, and there certainly isn’t enough time to do everything correctly. Really missing not having testing and documentation in place, I’m really looking forward to a huge refactoring and organising when PyWeek is complete!

I’ve been playing with an idea of only using classes for data, and making all functions public. Now the project is getting sufficiently large I’m noticing the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. It certainly will take better organisation than I’ve got in my objects module. I’ll review the approach at the end of the challenge, when I’ve more time.

More monsters

THE MAGIC world now has monsters too. They were easier to create than the normal world ones, it’s easier to find lists of magical creatures than normal ones! They should be a bit tougher than the normal world counterparts, but the normal world monsters will be tough enough in the end!

Weapons, Armour, and Scrolls

I HAVE made lots of weapons and armour. This then required lots of new functionality to put them on, take them off, drop them, pick them up and view an inventory. The bonus of the inventory screen was gaining a controls screen for free, which was nice. Got to love abstraction!

The functionality for dealing with the weapons and armour helped me figure out how to handle the scrolls functionality, so I’ve got all but three of them written and working. I know at least one of the others is tied to the kind of special behaviour that monsters can have, which I still have to implement.

Adding weapons and armour also forced me to re-address the melee combat system, which has been much improved and is much more balanced. As a bonus, it also lead to me implementing extras like levelling up with XP and regenerating health.

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